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February 7, 2013
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Song of Faolan - auction try by BaliroAdmin Song of Faolan - auction try by BaliroAdmin
It has been said
There is nothing like the dread
You may feel if you enter
The Blackwood center.

Here roam the beasts
Waiting for a feast
Of blood, fear and death
That will steal your breath.

Here kings and queens
Are all alike
Which only means
They all may strike.

You may fear the wolf and bear
And the teeth they bare
But you should not forget
The real threat.

The Blackwood Fawnlings.

Of one you may have heard
Whispered by a bird
Colored the deepest red
As if crows on him bled.

He moves like a ghost
And is hated by most
In his wake follow
Two wolves hollow.

He will kill any stranger
Who comes too close
Like the death’s ranger
He leaves them no rose.

He is a master of resurrection
And the power of possession
Your soul he will take
And a servant make.

This is the way of Faolán.

Created by faith
And born with hate
Faolán was brought
Into a world of fraught.

Loathed from start
Bringing ice to his heart
He soon went on his own
To explore the unknown.

In the wilderness he found
The true pleasure
Of never being bound
And free to his own leisure.

When he turned three
And the path to magic lay free
He found himself a new goal
That would make him feel whole.

The power over the dead was his.

In the night of a full moon
Late in june
Two wolves crossed his path
And had to feel his wrath.

With his rack as his spike
He took them out with a strike
With the flood of crimson
He witnessed their extinction.

Before the souls passed
He bound them with his magic
And now at long last
His loneliness feels less tragic.

With the Deadlings in his wake
His keeps little fawns awake
Scared by the though
Of this tale they were taught.

This is the song of Faolán.

Name: Faolán (means “wolf”)
Nickname: Flann (means “fiery red”)

RP: #Fawnlings
Herd: Blackwood (I hope)

Age: 10 years (born late summer, year 745 of the New Age)
Gender: Stag
Breed: Fawnling
Height: 13.1 HH
Body type: Medium-light, very leggy

Color: Flaxen Liver Chestnut
Genotype: ee/aa/ff

Bloodlines: Foundation
Design #3: [link]

Fight Stat
Overall stat: 13
Speed: 2 + 1
Stamina: 2
Strength: 3 + 1 (limit 7)
Experience: 1 + 2

Magic Level, Possession [11]
Magic Level, Necromancy [0]

Magic increasing charms:
Hollowed rose quarts: points coming later with RP story
Crow feather with dried blood: points coming later with RP story
Teeth from first two wolf kills: points coming later with RP story

Battles in his past:
0 wins of 0 battles

Personality :
In short insensitive and not very charming on his best day, pretty ruthless, bad boy,
dishonest, cunning, issues with authorities and taking command, loyal to few, believes
in the word of Úir [link], arrogant, proud, perceptive, intelligent,
violent, bloodthirsty, independent, selfish.

- Flann is his own boss, and while officially a part of the herd, he hates taking orders
from others, so a good warrior but not a good soldier …
- He only cares for his own health and doesn’t think much about if his actions are good
or bad for the herd as a whole. He does not plan to kill off his own herd though, but
“each on his own” fits his way of thinking.
- Secretive, keeps his plans to himself.
- Dishonest, don’t mind lying to gain something … or just to have fun.
- Quite a little sociopath, or at least seems that way.
- Very fond of does … he mostly prefers them pretty and quiet.
- Not a lot of charm in him, but some does like the mysterious bad boys, so he uses that.
Doesn’t mind using his possession magic to enter the mind of dreaming doe and
(depending on mood) cause nightmares or erotic dreams.
- Loves to hunt wolves and bears and had his first kill when he was about 4 years old
(two wolves that are now his Deadlings).
- Vain. Might not always come off as groomed or cleaned, but then it will be on purpose.
He is very careful to keep up the image he prefer others have of him.
Including getting critters to trim his mane.
- Unlikely to fall in love with any regular doe or find a permanent mate. He will take
actively part in breeding seasons if he finds himself in the position to do so, but he will
have no interest in being an actual father if a fawn is born. He can share his genes, but
not his fatherly love. Honestly got no clue about how to be a parent.
- Not a happy uncle either, you won’t find him near the playgrounds unless it’s dark and
empty there!
- Likes to collect things and feel very passionate about protecting what he thinks is his.
Got a secret hiding place too. Will collect anything really, but especially gathers a lot of
stuff to be used in magic dealings.
- Brave. If you don’t have much to lose, you don’t mind taking risks. And Flann isn’t
scared of getting scars etc, though he does prefer to stay alive enough to fight as best
as he can! But he has a bloodlust and a need to feel powerful.
- Not likely to try for a higher herd position. He wouldn’t mind fighting his way up there,
but he isn’t interested in the responsibilities a high position brings.
- He has a temper and easy to anger, but not often he attacks randomly. Usually he likes
to plot his vengeance or use his Deadlings.
- Having issues with befriending the living, he dreams of someday having a family of dead
to surround him, but in his dream world they are more like soldiers under his control than
actual friends of free spirit.
- Likes the dark loneliness of the night.

Basic History:
Flann is the result of an “unwilling mating”. The sire basicly stole the doe from another
stag and mated with her. When the doe gave birth to little Flann, she instantly disliked
him for not being after the stag, she truly loved. Needless to say Flann was never
close to his mother and went his own way as soon as he was old enough. (Doe lives as NPC
in the BW herd).
Flann never saw his father. The story says that he was killed by a wolf pack shortly after
Flann was born, but rumors say he was killed for taking a doe that wasn’t his own. As in he
was killed by the other stag, and not by word the herd.

Special notes:
Flann is very attached to the spirits of two wolves – both killed by himself - who he
conjured first time when he was four. He calls them “my Deadlings” and like to use them to
spread fear and chaos. He wishes to grow strong enough as a necromancer to bring
spirited life into the bones of the dead wolves.

Among the living creatures in Blackwood territory, Flann likes the company of crows, who help
trim his hair and share his passion for gathering and collecting things.

Family relations:
Mother: Ríanne (NPC), necromancer with low training. (see history for important details!)
Father: Cathaír (NPC), known to have possession magic.
Siblings: looking for relatives, if I should win ^^

Art and stuff I want to do with him (random order):
1. How he kills the two deadling wolves.
2. Locating his father's grave.
3. Collecting his different charms.
4. Give him more deadlings - once he reaches high enough magic level, they will turn into zombies XD
5. Fight between him and Zeus.
6. RP with Templado, DovieCaba, Sapphy and others, which has been discussed a little in advance.
7. Show his secret hiding place.
8. Travel through Blackwood territory. Like Sandy Coast and definetively travelling to Widow's
Hollow a few times too. Thinking he might have sought out this place when escaping home as a
youngster, trying to call upon the dead for the first times etc. Won't be interested in the Whitepeak
ranges until he is older though ... want to meet ice bears one day though ^^
9. Go hunting for a big bear, which is the ultimate kill in Flann's mind.
10. Herb collecting.
11. Wolf hunt. Might be longer story about the wolf that just won't die ...
12. Wanna show him interfering with the dreams of another fawnling >> Maybe NPC enemy, maybe RPG.
13. Socializing with crows and getting his groom on.
14. In magic I want to get him to highest level necromancer!

Dealings (ideas and sketches so far):

Art © 2013 *AgerskovArt
Breed and design © 2013 Ehetere
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